Single & Waiting

Mary Adepoju

Mary Adepoju
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Book Review...

This is a book that encourages us not to fritter off opportunities or pine away our life, or be sad, and angry and ask ‘why me?’

Single & Waiting’ answers some of the questions that marriage counsellors ask candidates in pre-marriage classes about what steps they have taken to achieve their marital dreams

It’s an easy read that comprises just 7 chapters which take us, whether you are both single or married, male or female, through life’s journey, spiced up with the Author’s experience.

This book will help singles who are waiting for marriage to embrace their current state, change their perspective, appreciate this phase, and harness it adequately for self-development and value-addition. Even married couples will glean wisdom from the book because the book teaches developing appropriate life principles and values.

Meanwhile, this book is not only for unmarried women or men but also for parents, siblings, relatives and friends. It is a must-read for the youth and parent groups, schools, churches, facilitators and pre-marriage counsellors who will find in the content a treasure trove.

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